Recap of October 1, 2007

Last night's TV.....

Chuck - Another winner. I am seriously digging this show. I I'm not as high on the blond girl; sometimes she's hot, sometimes not, but Adam Baldwin makes up for it, and for some reason I like Chuck's sister, even though she bothers me. I like it how Chuck uses his nerd skills to solve the Spy Crises, like last week infecting a bomb with an internet virus and this week pretending he was playing a helicopter video game. I look forward to seeing which lame nerdy thing he does each week.

Heroes - Maybe (probably) it was me, but I just couldn't get into this episode. It seemed flat and slow, and while I generally appreciate stories that take their time with the storytelling (especially if the character development is good and they are building toward something), I felt like there was much more that I was missing. I can barely even tell you what happened. I'll try to catch a replay on and absorb it all, as Heroes is often best appreciated the second time around.

Journeyman - I got rudely interrupted a third of the way through this, and since I can't give feedback on the show...I have a little bit of advice for all you out there who need rides (completely out of thin air): When you call someone in the middle of a show and ask for a ride, that's one thing. I mean, work ends when it ends, and that's not necessarily your fault. However, it is then your job, and really your only job, to be waiting for them to come pick you up at the spot where you get picked up, not wander over to somewhere else, because there is plenty of time. The person in question might be in a hurry, maybe perhaps trying to get back and watch a favorite show, and might now appreciate waiting for 7 minutes in the car outside your work and feeling like a fool. Just a thought.

Later my sister and I went to Wal Mart for some late night grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping at night so much better. No one bothers you. There are stock people and pallets to navigate, but it's so peaceful. We had a run in with one of the employees, but I have been sworn to secrecy, so I can't report that incident. (At least tonight.) I mention the shopping, however, to highlight (or lowlight) that I missed the incredible play-in game between the Padres and the Rockies that went all the way until the 13th inning! I feel like such a chump. I hope ESPN classic has that baby up soon.