Weekend TV

Thoughts on TV over the Weekend:


I meant to tell you all about this Friday, but then some idiot changed Monkey Barn to only allow one post. (Oh wait: that was me.) Anyway, last night The Discovery Channel started their new mini-series "Planet Earth."

I don't care how many nature documentaries you've seen, you have never seen anything like this. I got my parents to watch, and they were so enraptured they stayed through all three initial hours. There simply is nothing like it. With camera angles that are mind-boggling and photography that almost seems impossible, "Planet Earth" was a mini-series five years in the making: over 2000 days of shooting.

There's an encore tonight on The Science Channel, but I don't have that, so if you're like me, you can catch the initial three hours Sunday at noon, and then Sunday night at 8 is the regular two-hour block (with encore later that night).

Trust me Monkeys (and those standing outside the Barn in the cold): I cannot imagine anyone not being changed by the Amazing "Planet Earth." You simply must schedule time for it. (Check out the Discover Channel Website -http://www.discovery.com/- for a preview.)


Jeet Sweezus, was that a great ending or what? I imagine the DVD (where you'll be watching several episodes together) will be even better. I have become more and more a fan of the HBO period drama, and I honestly don't know if I can wait until the second season comes out on DVD to review it. Truly: it has been worth living in the Trailer of Doom just for Rome and Sopranos.

I have so much more to say, but I guess I'll wait until the review. I think my reviews affect you people, although I don't get mentioned when you do watch something. (cough cough Lady Jane cough cough).

NCAA Tournament

Watched virtually every game this weekend. About half were entertaining. More importantly, while I had 7 of the 8 Elite 8, I got zero of the Final Four. My worst showing ever. (EVER!)

I still plan on watching this weekend, but I'm scrrrd: it looks like Fox is running a new 24 against the game. What's an action junkie to do?