John Corbett Smith

So, the other day I am watching The Wonder Years, and I retrospot....John Corbett! He plays Karen's hippie Boyfriend in Season 1 who is a Vegetarian and against the War. And if those two things were not bad enough, he sleeps with another girl, breaking Karen's heart!

I know!

It was a disturbing experience. Every John Corbett performance that I can remember has always been infused with warmth and vitality; what I can only assume is his nature. To see him as this conniving weasel broke my heart.

But this brings me to another point.

Up here in Frozen Canada we have our own Chefs on the Food Network (although some of them are from the US), so I am not sure if you have this dude down there or not.

His name is Michael Smith. He had a show in an Inn, and now he does one show at home (Chef at Home) and one out and around kind of teaching things in a more serous Good Eats kind of way (Chef at Large). He is very enthusiastic about food, sorta like Rachael Ray but without all the cutsieness or competitive issues with her sister.

Basically, he is the man.

I bring him up for this reason: I am convinced he is John Corbett.

I looked for pictoral proof, and have been unable to find pictures that solidify my case. I present two anyway, just for comparison, but you have to see them on TV to understand.

So, I challenge you to leave comments of other celebrities you are convinced (not just similar, but the same), or, better yet, if you have this platform available to you: post their pictures yourself.