I was so busy work that I didn’t get to watch the 24 Finale last night. I was going to tape it, and then someone sent me the details, ruined them.

I am so pissed off right now. I don’t even know if I will watch it now. How hard is it for people to be careful when it comes to TV shows or a movie or something? To put a warning up if they are going to write something, or just inquire before shooting off their mouth?

What makes matters worse is that I told this person I hadn’t watched it, and they sent me the details anyway. What makes people do that? Do they think it’s funny? I certainly don’t.

The Diabolical part of me wants to get back at him. I know for a fact that he’s cheated on his wife. I stayed out of it because I don’t really know her and I didn’t think it was my place. Not my life. But I’m so pissed about him ruining 24 that I’m tempted to tell his wife.

What would Jack Bauer do?