New TV Shows

Because of the phenomenal success last year with the March debut of Grey's Anatomy, most of the networks held off in January, hoping to find that same audience love. As part of a service to you, the loyal readers, I have tried to watch as many new shows as I can to give you mini-reviews, in case you're looking for something to watch.

The Unit - I've already talked about this one. A good solid choice, with just a bit of subversion to keep it from devolving into JAG-territory. President Palmer rules. Tuesdays, CBS

Heist - I've written about this one too, an amusing show about thieves, and the cops that love to chase them. I'm a little worried they moved it into the Lost/Bones timeslot, but I still plan to watch if I can. Wednesdays, NBC

Close To Home - Generic prosecution show. Next.

How I Met Your Mother - This isn't actually new, but it's the first time I got to watch (what with 24 and Prison Break my usual fix). Very funny for a comedy. Plus, guys can watch it with their women, complaining vehemently, and get credit towards sports or something, all while secretly enjoying it. Mondays, CBS

The Loop - Ouch. A 24 year old is somehow an executive with an airline, and yet lives with three other slackers, all of whom are good-looking. The show absolutely wastes the talents of Phillip Baker Hall and Mimi Rogers (who does get the great creepy line of coming on to the main character by telling him, "Want to see how many times 24 goes into 28?"), I can't imagine this show doing anything. However, it did give me a great Katie Couric line, which I put over in the Quote of the Day. GO LOOK. Thursdays, FOX

Conviction - Think Law & Order, if it were on the WB. Somewhat generic look at young prosecutors (featuring Stephanie March, the former prosecutor for L&O, SVU. I thought they killed her character, but I guess not), except for the nice touch that they sleep together all the time. Not worth making an effort, but NBC seems to put it liberally on the schedule, and if you're' as much of a loser as I am, chances are your weekends are mostly free. Fridays (et al), NBC

Free Ride - A sweet if doomed comedy. I only watch it because it comes after Family Guy, and I usually tape FOX's Sunday night lineup because I'm too busy to watch right then, and once I've taped something I feel honor bound to watch it. (That's the only reason I continue to watch The War at Home. Really, it is!) The show is about a guy who graduates college and moves back home, to find things quite different from when he left. I don't see it lasting, but it's not too offensive. Sundays, FOX

Teachers - Yards of boring. This makes The War at Home look like the Cosby show. I don't think I've ever seen a more unfunny program. It was on after Scrubs, so I taped them both and made my sister watch with me. Now she won't speak to me. Tuesdays, NBC

New shows I haven't seen (but feel free to leave a comment if you have), The Evidence, Sons and Daughters, The New Adventures of Old Christine.