LOST - Early Season 2 Thoughts

I've been meaning to write about LOST for some time, and then events happened. Ajax beat me to it. I finally was able to catch up with the last three weeks.

I to am loving Mr. Eko, although I also love Bernard, the middle-aged white dude, if not as much.

Whom I'm not loving: Ana-Lucia. Seeing what she's gone through, both personally and trying to keep the group together, you get a sense of her life, and that's good and all, but I think her experience would have taught her: she's not a freaking leader!!!!! How many innocent people does she have to torture and get killed before someone realizes that? I can't wait until she tries to circumvent Jack's leadership. Even though I'm not loving Jack these days, and think he's a bit of a hothead as well, he's ten times more stable than she is.

Oh, and I'm not sure if it's Michelle Rodriguez or the producers, but what's with the one-expression acting? Does she have any face other than "I'm hiding my vulnerability behind my bitchiness"?

Like I said, Mr. Eko rules. Have to disagree with 'Jax a little bit. While it might be cool to never figure out his deal, you know they wouldn't set him up like that unless he had one mother of a background story. I do like how he's not always yammering, and kudos on the Horatio diss. Horatio Caine has to be one of the ten most annoying characters on TV. In fact, I think I'll do a top ten list about that. Maybe even today.

At first I felt cheated in the "other 48 days" episode, and wanted more meat from these castaways. However, to depart from our beloved misfits on the other side of the island too long would be criminal, so in retrospect they couldn't have done it any better. In fact, that may be the most creative episode yet in some respects.

Seriously: Is there a better show on Television right now? You non-fans; get yo ass to the video store and rent Season 1. Marathon through it, and then catch the repeats. LOST is soon going into them until February, and you can pretty much catch up. You can always watch the season again. Trust me; you will anyway, as there is so much little stuff you always miss.