Tuesday Night Viewing

BONES – The concept is this: Tough-but-sensitive cop from the FBI team up with genius but distant forensic anthropologist (and her team) to fight crime. What is a forensic anthropologist? Someone who looks at bones. It’s going to be a quasi-procedural, which means there will be a case of the week. The first episode was funny, witty, and if a little predictable and uneven, looks like this could grow into a winner. Give it a shot.

HOUSE – I’m just going to say it: with apologies to C.S.I and especially WITHOUT A TRACE, HOUSE is the best procedural on TV. Period. Last year, with a killer time period (following AMERICAN IDOL), HOUSE became a huge hit. This year it starts off even better. The idea is that Greg House and his team of doctors diagnose rare illnesses. Big deal, right? Except, the man is a miserable human being. Crippling leg pain and an off-the-charts IQ has left House bitter, cynical, and hateful. Nobody likes him, and they all wish he’d die, but he’s so friggin’ smart, and they need him. If you’re into procedurals (which means the show isn’t serialized and the story builds each week; think the LAW & ORDERS and C.S.I.s), then HOUSE is the show you want to add.