Prison Break

I watched PRISON BREAK yesterday, and decided to run a mini review, since FOX is rebroadcasting the two-hour premiere (actually two episodes back to back, but you get the idea) this Thursday.

Here’s the set up. Lincoln Burrows is on Death Row for killing the Vice President’s brother, and scheduled to die in one month. Lincoln’s brother Michael, convinced his older brother is innocent, sets out to commit a crime for the express purpose of getting sent to the same prison, to break his brother out.

If you can swallow that moronic concept, you can enjoy PRISON BREAK. Make no mistake: there is very little to do with reality here. Attractive female doctors (and the Governor’s daughter to boot!) aren’t left alone with inmates. That’s just one of the screwy things going on.

But don’t get me wrong: this was a wild wild ride. I haven’t enjoyed watching television so much since the premiere of LOST. Every five minutes I would say to my sister, “I want to break out of prison, I want to get body tattoos, I want to get in a race riot, I want to make origami cranes….” And on and on. When a show makes you want to be a part of it that much, it’s fun to me.

The opening puts at least 14 plot lines up in the air. My understanding is the entire season will take place in the thirty days leading up to the execution, sort of a quasi-24 style. Also, how much Michael thinks about every contingency is hella cool. Obviously he doesn’t nail them all, but watching how smoothly he handles mob bosses, the warden, the pharmacy connection, white supremacists and more is a real treat.

Bottom line: PRISON BREAK is going to have major buzz and be a lot of fun. You’d do well to check out the first two hours tomorrow and see for yourself.